Rick Padilla
Rick Padilla, CEO, founded Padilla Signature Builder in 1985.
Rick is an innovative artisan builder - a perfectionist with deep roots in Arizona, the Valley, and Scottsdale. He got his start buidling homes early in life as a carpenter on high-end residential construction projects. It was there that he discovered his unique, cretive talents and the desire to become one of the finest homebuilders in the southwest.
Rick understands first hand the level of knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail it takes to deliver an extensive custom home project. His 15+ years of combined experience as superintendent for custom and corporate homebuilders in the Valley and Scottsdale and project manager of multiple development projects has given him both the depth and breadth of knowledge and capability that is required of a high-end custom builder.
Another of Rick's key skills is the art of project estimation. Having earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University, he has honed his skills through his tenure as an estimator and purchaser for various area builders. This valuable skill, in addition to the numerous projects successfully crafted and delivered, is reflected in the accuracy of the build cost estimates and the timeline analysis we provide to our clients.

Rick understands the importance of excellent communication in order to bring your dreams to reality. He brings expertise, talent, and a fierce commitment to each project he undertakes, making Padilla Signature Builder one of the finest boutique custom home builders in the state.

André Hicken
André has been designing custom homes, renovations, and additions professionally since 2004 after obtaining his Master of Architecture degree from Arizona State University...but his passion for residential design, and the skills needed to visualize and create effectively began long before there was a diploma on the wall.

André was drawn to houses under construction as a young child - watching how they were built, walking through the spaces over and over, drawing the plans himself, and then refining and improving upon them. Further design exploration came through building houses with whatever media he found around him, from Lego bricks, wooden blocks, cardboard boxes, to balsa wood. When he wasn't searching for consturction sites, he was studying house plan books and magazines, redrawing most of the floor plans and elevations. The continual self immersion in both two dimensional plans and actual three dimensional spaces was the Genesis to visualizing and understanding spaces and their relation to each other.
Talent, skill, and passion are only theoretical until there is a client and a site. After all the relevant information on the site - including topography, views, orientation, city building codes and HOA design guidelines are gathered, André will ask many questions, and listen even more. A home is very personal and should reflect the clients lifestyle and personality. It has to be functional, comfortable, and beautiful. And finally, when all of the dust settles, the client must love it!

André not only designs the house, but stays involved throughout the construction process to ensure the successful realization of the clients vision. Regular meetings with client and builder ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

André has designed dozens of homes, both from the ground up and through both major and minor reovations and additions. Wheter a simple master bathroom addition or a large custom hillside  estate, André takes the same care in creating a functional beautiful home specifically suited to that client and that site.

André has designed homes throughout the metro Phoenix area including Desert Mountaint, DC Ranch, Silverleaf, Desert Highlands, Mirabel, Paradise Valley, Biltmore, Arcadia, and Mesa and Chandler as well. He has also designed projects in Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri, Alberta, and British Columbia.